Thursday 20th April

| BY Jack Moss

Ten Loves: The Alexander McQueen Box Bag


Ooooh, now here’s a nice bag. A box bag. Like a box and a bag have made a leather baby. And, as both boxes and bags tend to be, this number, from Alexander McQueen, is useful for carrying stuff. Lippy, mini vodkas, bits of food etc, etc. Whatever you want. Within reason. It’s quite petite. One should never over-stuff a bag. Over-stuffing cavities is generally to be avoided – it can cause unsightly stretching. We hear. There are three official ways to carry this bag – in your hand (as demonstrated above), by the small chain strap, or the long, leather (detachable) strap. There are also several other unofficial ways to carry it: under your arms, between your legs, on your head. Use your imagination. The box bag is completed with a clasp fastening to stop naughty people fiddling with your belongings. Unless you want them to. Then just twist, unlock, unfold and let them have a rummage.

The Box Bag, made in Italy from goatskin leather, is available in two sizes, lots of colours and retails from £1390