Wednesday 5th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten Loves: Versace Pop Magna Grecia Palazzo Bag


Now that’s a mouthful, right? Well, this kind of bag needs a big introduction. And beware – this one is not for the faint hearted. This new Versace limited edition bag was basically made for Ten Towers. Anything Greek, and we’re throwing our money at it. Reminiscent of the olden times (but really olden – think 7th century), the Magna Grecia bag is a staple in the Versace collection, an homage to the part of Southern Italy which was in Ancient times part of the Greek Empire. But now, the Magna Grecia is getting a colourful makeover. More is more is more. Yes, a classic black bag is fine from time to time, but we’re all about that maxi life.

The Pop version of the Palazzo bag is coming in three different colourways – each taking the beauty of contrast to the next level. The symbols of Greek vases and our fave Versace gal – Miss Medusa – are bringing in the classic elements into this hand-held Pop Art fantasy. It’s the best of both worlds, kinda like having Tate Modern and the British Museum mixed into one fabulous, colourful, Donatella-esque bag. As we said in the beginning – this one ain’t for the faint hearted. But we never claimed to be one of those. Give us all three and we’re off to embrace our own Greek goddess – Lady Sophia Neophitou!