Friday 3rd November

| BY Richard Gray

Ten Needs: Guess Originals’ Double Denim

Guess Originals Ten Needs

Recently, we’ve been all light coloured and ripped on purpose while trying really hard not to look ripped on purpose, haven’t we? Anything with “I bought them like this”, Khloé Kardashian “knee windows” now looks a bit, well, common. And far too tight. It’s the kind of denim that has a boyfriend who’s an olive tracksuit and says he’s pro-am MMA. Eugh. Move on, there’s a love. Denim forecasters talk of a “return to glamour” in denim. That means Guess Originals and snow-effect lightweight cotton with silver stars on. It means fabulous perms and date nights. It’s snow-y denim and red slingbacks. It’s more vinyl than streaming and dressing up to look at boys in shopping malls on Saturdays. It’s that bit more now from way back then. Here, we’ve put denim with denim, and you can, too. It’s tricky and slightly wrong and interesting. It’s sexy. It takes us away from that sportswear mess that plagues the country. The trick with any ’80s reference is to take something away: we could have gone all gold hoops and legwarmers, but this level of denim has its own decoration, so tone it down a tad. Bags? Long strap and boxy, worn on the shoulder. And those slingbacks we mentioned should make that reassuring clatter-clatter, “let’s go shopping” sound. See Kelly Le Brock in Weird Science for more.

Photographer Andrew Nuding
Fashion Editor Joel Traptow
Model Jassira at Next
Oonah Anderson

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