Saturday 3rd June

| BY Joel Traptow

Ten Tips: How To Wear The Miu Miu Slide

Miu Miu Slides

Okay, so I’ll admit it took me a while to come around to the whole slider trend – mostly because the straight jocks at my high school wore them and the flap-flap sound they make gives me slight PTSD about being called a poof. BUT THAT’S IN THE PAST I’VE MOVED ON. Now I’m fully riding the slider train. Next stop? Miu Miu. I love an expensive lazy shoe option. Running to the corner shop for some crisps? Pop on your Miu Miu slides. Going to the pub on a Sunday? Miu Miu slides. Yes mam. Which is now making me realise, as a proud Canadian, how quickly I’ve slid (slidered?) into stereotypical British behaviour having only been here a year, but that’s besides the point. Nothing says I-don’t-give-a-damn-but-I-actually-do like rolling up in a slider sandal to any social event – we advise wearing them with a athletic sock like the jocks of my high school, or rock them how they are meant to be worn and let your little piggies breathe. Or, more practically, you just could wear them to the pool. They are made of rubber. I should probably book in a pedicure before rocking these as my feet are looking a wee bit busted. Maybe a nice pink to match?

The Miu Miu Slides are available now…