Thursday 8th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Thakoon: Ready-to-wear AW16

Would it be wrong to describe Thakoon’s newest collection as a sort of gothic girl scout? A collection of layered pared back basics to create an almost hobo grunge person. But clean, unlike a hobo, seeing as this is high fashion and New York. New Yorkers don’t really do dirt, unless it’s polished, clean dirt if that makes sense. Anyway, according to what we’ve garnered on the world wide web this was inspired by the work of artist Jean Dubuffet and early 1990’s ‘supermodel’ work of Peter Lindbergh. So think a mis match of dark, different textured layers, a little masculine in design, a touch windswept in execution. Messy yet polished. Or to use a better phrase, controlled chaos in clothing form.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans