Wednesday 4th November

| BY Jack Moss

The Bag: Miu Miu Club

To misquote Wham! – welcome to the Miu Miu Club, where the drinks are free. Fun and sunshine, all that’s missing is the sea. But don’t worry, you can suntan! And carry with you a lovely Miu Miu bag, of course. A Miu Miu Club bag, to be exact, one inspired by the “irreverent spirit of nightlight in the 1980s” (we’ll have to take Miuccia’s words for, we were far too young) – and a woman whose “bag is eclectic and provocative as she is, upholding Miu Miu’s core values of contrasting the classic with the mischievous”. Sounds like our type of girl. Made from their signature mattelasse leather, each colour has chunky chain that falls across the front – adding “an element of toughness, like a piece of jewellery in its own right”. Back to Wham! – so pack your (Miu Miu Club) bags, and leave tonight, don’t take your time, gotta move your feet, don’t you miss the flight!

The Miu Miu Club bag is available at all Miu Miu stores from end of November.