Monday 4th January

| BY Jack Moss

The Full Louis Vuitton SS16 Campaign

A few days ago, which now counts as late last year, we revealed to you the first face of Louis Vuitton’s SS16 campaign – sassy pink-haired video game character, Lighting. She’s from Final Fantasy for those non gamer-boffs amongst us. Now, to brighten your day, they have released the rest of the campaign, Series 4, in three parts – in their words – The Heroine by Juergen Teller, including Doona Bae and others, Lightning: A Virtual Heroine including Lightning and The Heroine by Bruce Weber including Jaden Smith among others. He’s Will Smith’s son, if you didn’t know, pal of Justin Bieber and the Kardashians and is shown here wearing a skirt. I mean gender, is so last season. We’re all fluid now, darling. According to the press release “the images comprise a triptych in which each section echoes and completes the other, weaving a narrative about a heroine whose multiple facets Nicolas Ghesquière wished to explore… each one expresses a point of view about the muses of a new era.”