Thursday 31st August

| BY Jack Moss

The Manolo Blahnik Documentary Is Coming This September


How have I only just watched the trailer for this?! Looks bloody brill. Ob-sessed. Even has an audience with Ms Wintour herself who gives a firm AWOK (look it up) to Mr Blahnik by saying his are the only shoes she EVER wears. She doesn’t even look at another pair, apparently. Get her. Anyway, this is not about Anna, this is about Manolo, the documentary giving us a look into the life of the peerless shoe designer, whilst luminaries such as Naomi, Riri, ALT et al discussing the impact of his work over the years. And, as of today we finally have a release date, and it’s not long to wait – Manolo Blahnik: The Boy Who Made Shoes For Lizards will be out on September 29th. Hoorah. Donning a pair in excitement (jokes, I’m poor).

Watch the trailer below…