Tuesday 16th February

| BY 10 Magazine

Thom Browne: Ready-to-wear AW16

A tornado of tailoring was the rough feel at Thom Browne: every look contained a coat, of some description – even the bride, who wore an organza jacket around her legs and on her head as a veil, a bit like when you’d play dress-up in primary school. They also all wore ties, by Stephen Jones – yes, ties. They were plastered to the head, whipped around the face, becoming a cross between millinery and neckwear (millinery, I guess, won out) and they reflected Browne’s twisted clothes. Twisted in every sense of the word, because although there was frequent reference to classic tailoring notions, everything was pulled topsy-turvy and reconfigured, jackets peeking of from skirts, coats buttoned to blazers, linings turned to dresses, A skillful play with garments we all know, to make them feel entirely new.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans