Thursday 16th February

| BY Jack Moss

Thom Browne: Ready-to-wear AW17

This began with a small dog walking around the catwalk wearing a camera. We’re not exactly sure why. But we enjoyed it. Thom Browne likes dogs. Remember those dog bags? Well there was also a similar dog to that, in a boat, on a sort of frozen lake in the middle of the catwalk. We assumed frozen because there was also a penguin. And assumption was right. Because as the ladies stepped out they were wearing upon their feet what can only be described as (because it’s what they were) – a heeled ice skate. I mean, what else is the fashionable lady supposed to wear in snowy climbs? Flats? The horror. Also around the lake were slightly scary looking men (“bit Doctor Who,” says seat mate) with two balls, or should we say orbs, of light, one in each hand. We think they were meant to be lampposts. All added to the mood. Clothes themselves were, as ever, an exercise in tailoring. As the badges that emblazoned the clothes suggested – a dress with a cross through it – this was about trousers. Or shorts, really – suiting that came in those slightly off proportions that Mr Browne is so good at, in a monochrome palette of grey and houndstooth. But there were other takes on tailoring too – a puffa blazer was one example, another of the tuxedos covered with buttons, or those overcoats dotted with penguins. And a splash of fur. Got more colourful as it went along – bright argyle checks, flashes of bright blue and red. And to finish? Well, let’s call her a puffa bride. Because the final look was a puffa jacket-style tuxedo with an extra-long train, carried by willing model behind. Winter bride eleganza? We’re into it.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans