Tuesday 25th September

| BY Claudia Croft

Thom Browne: Ready-To-Wear SS19

Join us, Thom Browne fans as we enter a surrealist world of double-dropped acid tabs at the seaside. It’s in this mind-bending realm where face masks of ice cream cones are worn with immaculately tailored jackets in a beautiful stitched mish-mash of impeccable clothes. It’s here where women walk around in implausibly high sexy boots and stripy platform lace-ups last seen on Coco the Clown.

Rejoice at the avant-garde and longline jackets emblazoned with sequin bananas and cherries usually seen on the whizzing reels of the slot machines. Down by the pier the woman behind the seafood stall has transmogrified into half lobster, half beauty: her hands covers in knitted lobster claw gloves – a recurring code in surrealism. Keep up! There’s so much more to see. Was that a pink sheared-mink crab stitched into a Crombie-style stick o’rock stripe coat? Yes, indeed.

In Thom Browne world, anything can happen and often does. When your eyes come round take time to marvel at the next-level Couture tailoring: it’s in Browne’s studio where the real magic is happening; where pins and needles and pattern cutting of the highest order are pushed ever further. What an incredible, insane and beautiful celebration of creativity, skill and freedom this show was. Bravo!

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.