Thursday 28th June

| BY Roxy Lola

Thom Browne: Resort 2019

The Thom Browne woman is the type to get stuff done, everyone else is the type to observe. There’s no time for play, this woman works hard all year round. She’s still working that shirt and tie, leaning back, confident. Keep it classy but make it vacay. Flashes of three-striped yellow, blue, green, orange socks are pulled up shin-high and energise all that soft cloudy grey. Good stuff. Double-breasted jackets are cropped, working with swishing pleated skirts. Oh so serious in all that school uniform slickness. The classic red, white and blue stripe is turned into choker necklaces and trims the edges of collared polo tees, that little all-American sporting touch. The collection evolves into a literal resort moment with prints of yachts and scenes of the beach sequinned onto dresses. All in the detail. Then it’s into the night as ties turn into black bow ties and dramatic gowns trail and sparkle. The whole wardrobe is happening here. And of course there are dog-shaped bags. Hector the dog’s canine friends. Bags are sweet, dripping in gold chains and everyone is rocking round-framed glasses. They smart. It all adds up, all part of the Thom Browne code. Code it, decode it, recode it.