Wednesday 13th January

| BY Jack Moss

Topshop Unique: Pre-Fall 2016

“A study in style” says Topshop Unique of their Pre-Fall 2016 collection. A fitting description, really, for a collection that looks to the “poetic spires of Oxbridge” and “the rebellious sounds of the student union” for inspiration. By which they presumably don’t mean the sounds of a Rugby boy drinking a pint of wee, getting naked and then being sick back into said pint glass (presumably something fairly difficult to replicate in clothing) – no, these are the far nicer sounds of PJ Harvey, The Smiths and Radiohead. Which means lovely clothes with a nineties touch – oversized double breasted jackets, grungey floral dresses, a Withnail and I camel crombie. It’s also a history of art, apparently. Great for those of us who like our clothes to be an intellectually stimulating exercise, with Selwyn and Campion prints throughout – made to “dance through the intensity of gladioli-swinging gigs to the highs of the end of summer ball.” Thank God. A fully formed wardrobe for the intelligent young lady. Aren’t Topshop clever?