Monday 20th February

| BY Jack Moss

Topshop Unique: Ready-to-wear AW17

“She’s never been here before. She’s intrigued, searching for more,” so begins the press release for this afternoon’s AW17 Topshop Unique show. Think of her as a bit of a traveller. Experiencing feelings of “euphoric freedom,” apparently. But what about the clothes? Well, this was a bit rave. Which we know sounds a bit of a lazy reference but we’re not referring to rave in a glow stick and fluoro sort of a way, heaven forbid. More Hacienda. Madchester. We think. Ask Phoebe, she knows more about stuff like that. And not just because it was written in the notes and there was some Stone Roses on the soundtrack. It began with Lily Donaldson in a sweater emblazoned with HAPPY WKNDR and a billowing striped trouser. There were parkas, belted at the waist but here left undone, zip-up track tops. Bags that had a touch of the fanny packs to them. A giant fluffy orange number. An amazing shearling jacket. Something of the gap year to it too. A bit holiday. The Beach, before people starting getting murdered and stuff. Swimming costume-cut bodysuits, worn-in ponchos, floral dresses slit up the front. But really, it was a bit of a pick ‘n’ mix. Because who only wants one thing? Sexy sexy dresses in a silky fabric that curved around the body, proposing the upper arse as the new erogenous zone du jour. Sheer tops embroidered with flowers and worn with over-dyed wide leg jeans. Or the silky, almost Courtney Love-esque slip dresses, her reformulated to cling to the body. Clothes for everyone. For every occasion. Or, to quote the press release, “a digital explorer, she could be anywhere – Ibiza, Goa or speeding through West London.” And what more could you ask from a collection than that?