Thursday 14th October

| BY Andrea Sacal

Tribute Brand is Creating Contactless Fashion for the Masses

Slowly but surely, digital contactless fashion is shifting its gears and changing the way that we view physical garments. You may ask yourself: why would you purchase a garment that you can’t physically touch or wear? Not only is it completely sustainable, but each garment can also be customised for each individual wearer, no matter the measurements or sizes because, well, it’s all digital!

Tribute Brand is the label creating cyber fashion for everyone and anyone that wishes to be a part of an exciting new fashion space. Known as the world’s first D2C digital fashion label launched in April of 2020, Tribute Brand is a high-end digital fashion brand known as one of the biggest pioneers in its field. Digital fashion was on Gala Marija Vrbanic’s mind, the label’s founder, since she was a young girl. She was immersed in video games and engaged in online communities, later going on to create physical clothing at university. Whilst designing, she began experimenting with digital fashion software and tech development, and thus, Tribute Brand was born.

The cyber fashion space is an ever-growing market and Tribute Brand shows no signs of slowing down. “Our inspiration was mainly getting the things we couldn’t, and in this way, we could make anything we always wanted. There are no limits, except for technology, which is developing rapidly,” says the creator. As a completely inclusive space, digital fashion is bringing a new experience to its wearers, one that is impossible to grasp with physical clothing. “On the other hand, you can see that others feel the same. With cyber clothing, you can wear something that was previously unreachable for various reasons and even do it from your bedroom, and this is groundbreaking.”

A distinct design process comes with new challenges and opportunities, but the shift from physical to digital wasn’t so drastic for Gala. “Instead of doing physical prototypes, fittings and choosing the right materials, you do everything in front of the screen. This does not exactly make the design process shorter compared to physical fashion,” she mentions. Tribute Brand believes that in the future, the purest form of fashion will only exist in virtual worlds, predicting that physical fashion will soon be focused on quality crafted pieces that give perfect functionality.

How will the digital fashion space expand you ask? It’s already everywhere, from video games to avatars, AR to pictures, and NFTs coming out of our ears. “You can wear a physical shirt in the physical world only, but with a digital shirt, you can put it in so many universes,” says Gala. “Alongside widening the range, we at Tribute Brand look forward to all of these possibilities, and at the moment our primary focus is AR, where we have also developed our own full-body tracking software.” Want to know what the future holds? Just ask Tribute Brand.

Photography courtesy of Tribute Brand