Friday 2nd March

| BY Alison Veness

Undercover: Ready-to-Wear AW18

“We are infinite.” Yes because Jun Takahashi of Undercover knows this kind of thing. And so he knows how to deliver that eternally exquisite street vibe with total class. We loved the Stranger Things vibe to it, Sadie Sink opened the show in a flame red satin tracksuit with ruffled neck and hoodie; we wanted the brilliant red parka emblazoned with that wide stripe; the wide and loose man style pants worn with those news school ties and stripe blazers abit 80s. Ski pants. Gum boots. Shearling. Softest jersey. Two in one, a play on textures. Somewhere. Layered up collegiate. Kids. Enrolling now. A gang. A sly nod to Cindy Sherman, a previous collaborator. Neon green, acid yellow. And then everything in black because despite all the colour we still like it plain and simple.

Great sneakers  – all the best combinations of sky blue and bright green, details, details – well they would be given the countless exceptional collaborations with Nike. Put your head on my shoulder by Paul Anka rang out, Put your head on my shoulder/Hold me in your arms, baby/ Squeeze me oh-so-tight/Show me that you love me too. We like a love song and so it was love, we loved this shot of upbeat otherness/paranormal on a wintery Paris afternoon, even the knitted “hair piece” beanies. There is a supernatural to what Jun does, which is why he has such a strong following, expect to see us dressed in this next season. To upside down and beyond.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans