Friday 3rd March

| BY Jack Moss

Valentino: Ready-to-wear AW17

Could we say that Valentino’s ladies were walking in Memphis this season? By which we are not referring to the Tennessean city, rather the Italian design collective, the Memphis Group, known for those swirly colourful patterns, which this season found themselves on Pierpaolo’s frocks, or in those cartoonish hands that reached up the hems of skirts. But, or so began the press release anyway, “time is elastic matter” – so here Pierpaolo took the opportunity to ricochet between decades, from 1980 all the way back to 1800-and-something in a frisson of ruffles and raised necklines, delicate empire line gowns, intricately embellished, sheer creations, cut like nighties. Which we could, of course, go on and describe in much further detail. But that would take hours, and might be quite boring, when we could instead just let the clothes talk for themselves and finish by declaring this, bluntly, as: simply beautiful. So breathe it in. Taste the beauty.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans