Monday 3rd October

| BY 10 Magazine

Valentino: Ready-to-wear SS17

“A punk idea of humanism”. Well thats what the press notes say, to which we can only say, punk for all… give me the drugs. But joking aside, this is actually a new era for Valentino. Like an Agatha Christie novel, and then there was one. Creative director, not murder victim. After all, blood stains are a bitch to shift. But onto the clothes. This was classic Valentino, as reimagened when Valentino stepped down. There’s always a sort of Haight Ashbury heiress sense about it, or should that be heiress discovering Haight Ashbury. Lets just refer to this as a dream of empire line, embroidered gowns, perfect for a fledgling “rebel” to pick poppies in a field in and maybe smoke them. Or to be even blunter, just simply beautiful. And you really can’t ever fault a pretty frock.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans