Wednesday 23rd May

| BY Roxy Lola

Valentino: Resort 2019

If we were to conduct a paparazzi publicity stunt, it would look a little something like this. Out on the streets of Rome, fast pacing down those cobbled streets in Valentino Resort 2019. It’s the perfect collection to werk for all the paparazzos who are dying to get new hot photos of us. We get it. Surprisingly this is not what Pierpaolo Piccioli was thinking about when creating this collection. He was in fact thinking about freedom. Not something usually related to being chased by paparazzi but there is a solid sense of freedom flowing through these pieces. Maybe it’s the swagger of the chosen women or just the way in which Piccioli expertly crafts pieces that move in sync with their wearer. Must say, the headscarves are the hit, paired so ‘70s styling with oversized hexagonal shades. This is exactly how we see ourselves all Summer 19. It’s the resort uniform, filled with navy blues, rich dark reds and pure whites. Fressssh. Mini dresses swish with sweet florals and butterflies have taken up residency on the jet black tailored pants and suit jackets. ‘Valentino’ printed on jackets is hitting the logo loving spot, also abbreviated to VLTN on sleek white low heeled boots. Well, this is the street and that is their tag. And so they travel through the streets to the graffiti’d overgrown outskirts. Right at home.