Tuesday 13th December

| BY Jack Moss

Versace: Pre-Fall 2017

Donatella’s gone sporty again. This, her Pre-Fall 2017 collection, is basically gymwear. I mean, what else is one to wear in the gym to seductively drop a few squats and throw about a couple of large kettlebells than a lace up platform booty and sexy leather biker pant? Sweaty! But we’re getting carried away. Not all of you are so confident as to wear such a luxe look to your local sporting establishment. Not all of you face the ritual abuse of being heckled to “put it away” when clad in your mini gym shorts (Garth). So, instead, consider this collection as sportswear inspired. High-tech. Think: cropped jackets, ruched at the edges and secured with toggle fastenings, a scuba top with Versace written down the sleeve, lean, fitted dresses in colourful technical knits. Add some camo, a little baroque print (or, “baroccoflage as Donatella has called it) and a couple fuck-off fur coats and what do you have? Sportswear, but not as you know it. Because this, my dear, is Versace. Full glamour ahead!