Thursday 23rd February

| BY Jack Moss

Versace: Ready-to-wear AW17

How better to hammer home your point than repeating it over and over in the form of a pumping techno soundtrack? That message, presented by Versace today, being EQUALITY, repeated, let’s say, 300 times over the course of the show (not that we counted), a message also printed on big fat wooly beanies and scarves. Just in case you forgot. But, when a message is as important as this, then surely it bears repeating. Because this was about power ladies. As the press release read, the collection was all about “diversity, strength, individuality – the empowerment of the female mind and body.” And what says power lady quite like a suit with mahoosive shoulders? Here, that amplified tailoring opened the show, in black, worn with sporty cropped jumpers beneath and with skirts that split at the front revealing sheer layers beneath. Ladies not to be messed with. And can we talk about the hair? Time to dig out those clip-ins, because Donatella has seen the future, and the future is: neon ombre. And could we say that ombre was a bit of a theme here? Something about the way that those zinging pops of colours emerged from all-black garments – a jacket with trims of red shearling, two-tone furs or that sort of digital print that rose from the hemlines of the outerwear. I mean, colour was the take home here – whether in the electric red dress, that wrapped around the body or the almost luminous florals that sat on silk georgette, those eye-searing accessories. All siphoned through that sexy athleticism that Ms Versace has been championing of late – the way the dresses are cut to almost sporty proportions, the branded elastic straps that sat around the ankle, stretchy woven sweaters, or those massive puffa jackets that closed out the show. So, ever wanted to know what fashion looks like? Real, high-voltage fashion? Look no further. This is it.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans