Wednesday 6th June

| BY Roxy Lola

Versus Versace: Resort 2019

Versus is like Versace’s little sister. Instead of heading to the day spa, she’s heading to the skatepark. Not to skate, just for the boys, but she can totally skate if you ask her to. Skilled. The boys in Versus are most definitely not at the skatepark – they’re more the mall-rat type. The revival of the mall is happening here, where they hang and judge each other’s chosen looks. This is Versus Resort 2019, titled ‘The Street Challenge: Heritage Vs. Modern. Score: 1-1.” It’s a hot and heavy infusion of the 1989 Gianni Versace Versus logo seen on bondage style singlets, belting wide legged trousers and branded socks. Said socks are paired with heels and tight leather hot pants or denim with side chains. Looks on looks. Red vinyl is shining on skirts over classic patterned leggings. A melting pot of VV old and new. Pants hang loose and boyish for the “Versus rebel” who is really feeling the sporty side of things this season; biker shorts peeping out under long coats and boys in up-the-leg logo’d track pants, complete with sandals. It’s not about practicality it’s about style, people. Of course the Versus girl loves to sneak out and party so she’s got a pair of outrageously good sequinned high waisted pants, so right for reflecting under a disco ball and lots of mini skirts and micro bags for the club. The boys carry backpacks in their double denim and are cleverly colour co-ordinated in t-shirts and pants printed in flashing yellows and shady blues. Everyone’s cool here. There’s no thought to this, these are the kinda kids who wake up like this, their personal shoppers have already put the collection in their walk-in wardrobes. It’s a good life in Versus Resort 2019. We highly recommend.