Wednesday 7th June

| BY Finn Blythe

Veruschka von Lehndorff Is Back And Modelling Acne Studios Resort 2018

Upon viewing these images of Veruschka von Lehndorff in Acne Studios’s Resort 2018 collection, we are finding it difficult to imagine that life will be quite so glam for us old queens once we find ourselves knocking on the octogenarian door. At 78, as the iconic supermodel is, we suspect things will be a lot more saggy, less toned and probably just not very nice to look at. Perhaps to be expected, as we are not former supermodels, and are already a bit saggy, not very toned and probably not very nice to look at. So what of the clothes? Well, according to Acne Studios’s Creative Director Jonny Johansson, this was “a collection of Acne stereotypes, iconic and real”. Not that, we should note, these are literal – no cops or robbers or naughty nurses here, rather something fluid, pieced together.

Which, admittedly, makes it a little more difficult to write about, the collection veering between lumberjack and rocker, cowboy and exec but all in this brilliantly muddled way that Acne Studios are so good at. Boxy denim jackets, some slashed away at the arms, motorcycle trousers cut high on the waist, suede opera gloves, slick printed leggings. And there’s this sort of lumberjack, woody thing going on – a floor-grazing moss-coloured waistcoat, a wood-print body suit in lycra, and then the collection of timber based accoutrements (OBSESSED with that belt buckle). So forget what you thought you knew about archetypes – as Jonny says, this was about exploring “why we are different and what we’re communicating. The idea of us versus the reality—I wanted to show we were not just one thing”. Fashion assemblage at its finest.

On working with Veruschka, Jonny told 10 Magazine: “we spoke a lot, and she’s so inspiring, so interesting, so honest, so modest and so cool. This was more than about modelling. We asked her to choose the pieces from the collection that she wanted to wear, and how she wanted to wear them. It was amazing to have this supersonic woman in her seventies working with such spontaneity, and showing the clothes in a very real way.”