Wednesday 7th December

| BY Jack Moss

Victoria Beckham: Pre-Fall 2017

There’s something about the setting of this, Victoria Beckham’s Pre-Fall 2017 collection, that’s giving me “The Shining”. Which, to be honest, is mostly because it looks a bit dark, could possibly be set in a hotel and has a sort of slightly Seventies wood panelling situation. Fully expecting two creepy kids to appear somewhere in the back of shot. Not that this actually has any bearing on the collection. It is not, as far as we know, based on the story a man attempting to massacre his entire family in a remote Alpine hotel. No, for Pre-Fall 2017, presented by VB in Manhattan, didn’t have a particular reference point or inspiration. Instead, when talking to the gathered crowd in her Chelsea showroom, she called it instead, an “evolution”. Which, as far as we can see anyway, meant a musing on the modern woman about town’s wardrobe – a subject, handily, that VB has long proved herself adept. Here, she begun the collection with pale pink boucle, a fabric which gave the opening Le Smoking-esque outerwear a relaxed, feminine feel. It was that feel that set the tone for much of the collection – a sort of grown up girlishness – striped poplin shirts that tie easily around the waist, marbled prints that, from far away at least, give the appearance of tiny flowers, slip dresses in delicate silk, worn over wide leg trousers and (quel horreur!) trainers. But VB, more than anybody, knows the necessity for the occasional use of a more glam get up, hence closing with a perfectly tailored black suit, cinched at the waist and completely open at the back. Which obviously means we are now frantically googling the best way to lose weight from one’s lower back region. How long have we got?