Wednesday 8th February

| BY Jack Moss

Victoria Beckham: Ready-to-wear AW17

“Strength, reality and identity” were the three words that Victoria Beckham offered to describe her AW17 collection, shown this morning in New York. And how better to demonstrate lady power than with tailoring? Few things say strong woman like a power shoulder. And menswear-inspired tailoring was slap bang at the middle of this – feeling a bit British in parts, the boxy, heavy-shouldered blazers reminding almost of one’s you used to wear to school. Well, not my school per se, but a posh one. You know what I mean. VB told us backstage that there was something of the gentleman’s club to it – especially in the colour palette of oxblood, navy and black. Here, though, it was masculine atop, lady beneath – the blazers worn over chiffon or georgette dresses in powder pink, blue and red that ruffled towards the hemline. Or the vivid printed dresses (inspired by a Paul Nash retrospective at Tate Britain) that sort of clung to the body and rose up around the neck. Call it, as the press release did “a sense of heritage with a global outlook.” Obviously there was some lusty glances on our part directed towards those accessories too – VB knows how to make a desirable leather-based item – little vanity cases, inspired by her recent collaboration with Estee Lauder, wedge-heeled boots and – quel horreur! – flats. But if anybody can convince us to retire our 6-inchers it’s Ms Beckham. Flat shoes a go people. Because we all want to be Victoria Beckham. Quite frankly, who wouldn’t? But until full body swappage becomes a viable scientific option, we’ll be quite content just to dress like her.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans