Wednesday 7th June

| BY Finn Blythe

Victoria Beckham: Resort 2018

Victoria Beckham is lady for whom elegance seeps from every well maintained pore – so much so, all that elegance-spewing leaves her with so much left over she probably doesn’t quite know what to do with it. Well, not strictly true – all those leftovers are channeled into those lovely collections of hers. Elegance pulsates through her collections, dictates ever cut and seam, each fabric, each colour. And her latest Resort offering isn’t an exception. It’s easy. It’s louche. Something she herself would wear, travelling du monde or just slipping into on a Sunday with Dave and the kids. We read it in the press release.

Layering is key here – a lady needs many an element to a look – soft, belted coats sit on stringy dresses, under which peek lovely tailored shirts. Coats and knits are lightweight, willingly nestling on your shoulders like a friendly animal. There are slenderer silhouettes too – whether a clinging orange dress or a two-set trouser that flares at the arms of the top and the leg of a trouser. Swishy. And the shoes! Pointy, slingback kitten heels in a life-jacket orange, others with buckles or open-toed. Let those piggies free. It’s all, needless to say, very nice indeed.