Wednesday 19th October

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Victoria, Victoria Beckham: Pre-Spring 2017

It may be be autumn in the real world, but in the world of fashion, the season of Pre-Spring is upon us. And so, allow us to present the next instalment of Pre-Spring 2016 fun courtesy of Victoria, Victoria Beckham. And so, in today’s episode of next season fashions, Victoria, to quote from the press release, “looks to the heady summers of the 1970s, when the South of France provided a haven for iconic rock stars from the Rolling Stones through to Bryan Ferry. Playing on the idea of British character infused with a French insouciance, the collection explores the visual contrast of carefree creative idols living amongst traditional French interiors”. We could just stop there on the word front, because do we really need to add anymore? But we won’t, because we like to ramble. And so, think of this as a departure from the usual sweet girliness of the line into more tomboy territory. The collection feels more relaxed, louche, loose even. Tailoring is soft and unstructured and feels thrown on at ad-hoc. Classic mens shirting makes an appearance in fine blue and white stripes, not only in shirt form, but also twisted round the body to form bustiers that feel as though a bed sheet wrapped round the body, but in no way resembling some fancy dress toga. This is a classy collection from a classy designer after all, so banish any idea of Carry on Cleo from your minds. Though the bath tub in that, the one Cleopatra bathes in milk in at the start, even though it has nothing to do with this, does feel like a bath tub we could all aspire to. Remember Roger Vadim’s And God Created Woman? Well think of this as that, crossed with the Rolling Stones notorious Villa Nellecote episode. There’s a care free, bare foot element to this, with a touch of debauchery thrown in. Well, no one likes too much of a goody two shoes.