Tuesday 20th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Vivienne Westood: Ready-to-wear SS17

See these as a selection of Dame Viv’s favourite things. Because that’s what they are, as well being her brand new SS17 collection. This, apparently, started with tailoring. So far, so Viv. And there was something unisex about the cut of the suit, which is at the heart of the collection. Buttons fasten on the same side, it’s looser, bigger on the shoulders. The trousers are cropped at the ankle, dropped at the crotch and complete with an extra long fly. Oo-er. So who’s the woman? Well, she’s an intellectual and an art lover, apparently. Which explains the abstract nature of it all – painterly abstract prints, clashing fabrics, theatrical trompe d’oeil. A bit of a collage – “comparing one thing with another is the root of intelligence: looking at the past with today’s eyes throws light on the present,” say the notes. And, boys, as Viv says, it can all it’s not just the suit that can be ‘unisexed’. Those silky jumpsuits can be too. So do like a Dominic, our resident gender-bending fash assistant, and wear it whether your man, woman, or something in between. Viv would want it that way.