Wednesday 12th November

| BY 10Magazine

Vivienne Westwood: Ss15 Press Day

Vincent loves hats. Particularly this upturned basket hat covered in feathers that he tried on at the Vivienne Westwood press day. Fetching, no? I certainly thought so. He simultaneously reminded me of Zorro and a American Indian chief. But whether he spends his time shrouded in mystery, dressed in black and defending the people of the land from a tyrannical government or doing, well, whatever American Indian chiefs do day-to-day (I’m not sure), one thing is for sure – this crown-like creation looks, as I’m sure Vincent would attest, perfectly at home on his finely coiffed head. Another highlight from the press day was a series of green garments coloured with the same vegetable dye that the ancient Romans used. Colours coloured with this dye were only allowed to be worn by virgins apparently so the colour green was synonymous with virginity in Roman culture. Who knew? Not us.

By Ted Stansfield