Thursday 2nd March

| BY Jack Moss

Wanda Nylon: Ready-to-wear AW17

Well, we’ve gabbed on about accessories all day, so why stop now? Let’s talk berets. Berets at Wanda Nylon, to be specific. She had all the varieties. White, badge-covered, leather, jumbo houndstooth, cow print, fluffy. Call it a pick ’n’ mix – a beret for all seasons. We’re probably wrong here, but could we call these girls a kind of jazzy freedom fighter? Hear us out. Something about a beret says freedom fighter, and something about these clothes says jazzy. Because what else says jazzy than a touch of the 1980s – topstitched denim dresses that wrapped round the body, a full on metallic two-set moment (big, baggy and oh so good), puffy coloured furs, shimmery polo-necks tucked into high-waisted flared trousers. And the big finish? Well, that would be a top with shiny streamers that exploded (figuratively, not literally) out of the sleeve. A party in a top. And so much more goodness we haven’t even touched on – more great shiny stuff (she collaborated with Swarovski), baggy sweats, balloon-cut pants. You’ll want it all. Not being ones to shy away from a little self-promotion, can we please note that Johanna Senyk, the lady behind Wanda Nylon, picks her “10 People To Meet” in the latest issues of 10, on newsstands now. They’re all fabulous. Because she’s fabulous. J’ADORE.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans