Wednesday 16th May

| BY Roxy Lola

Watch Gucci’s Timepieces and Jewellery Campaign Starring Tippi Hedren

Is there anything more Gucci than the Gucci girls visiting a psychic spiritual advisor? No, this is their territory, made all the more mystical with Tippi Hedren starring as The One (our nickname) aka a fortune teller. A bit of an eerie Hitchcock essence in the mix. As the sun sets on a bruised purple skied Los Angeles, Tippi sits in her neon sign-lit corner shop, amongst crystal balls and tarot cards. Very LA. Definitely somewhere that appeals to a Gucci girl. Jewelled hand in jewelled hand they go, inside the curtains where Tippi awaits. But let’s pause for a second because those new automatic watches, the G-Frame and G-Timeless are fabulous. A round or rectangular face, with all that classic dripping-in-gold and red and green goodness. Take your pick, or take both. We will. FYI, for future shopping endeavours after watching the above, the jewellery includes the Gucci Ouroboros, GG Running and Le Marché des Merveilles collections. A beaded snake slithers across Tippi’s fingers, diamond double G’s hang from delicate gold bracelets and the finest pearl rings cage up and around fingers. Emeralds and rubies gleam inset in the most luxurious golds amongst all that rich red velvet and of course, the crystals. This is the ultimate Gucci girl element. There’s no other way to do a tarot card reading. Superstition is the way.