Monday 12th November

| BY 10 Magazine

WATCH: Road To The Victoria’s Secret Runway 2018, The Fittings

It’s the beginning of the week and you happen to missing some lightness in your step? Look no further. Victoria’s Angels are here to help. Looking back at October when the VS 2018 fashion show was still just an a bunch of great ideas waiting to come to life , the latest video to be released is looking at the fittings for the stellar lewks that walked down the catwalk. You can see our Lady Neophitou and Garthy Garth pinning, tweaking and trimming, making Ten Towers proud like one of those deranged dance moms. “Those two are ours,” we screech at the screen, clutching tissues on our chests with teary eyes. And now that we know how amazing the final outcome looked, watching the fittings makes us even prouder of our power duo. “This might be one of my favourite outfits I’ve ever worn,” says the comeback queen Behati Prinsloo, with the whole VS team clapping in the background. Join in on fun, and watch magic in the making. Next Episode: Mary Katrantzou and the power of a collab. Yes, please!