Thursday 18th May

| BY Finn Blythe

Watch The Highlights From Dior’s Cruise 2018 Show In LA

Love a highlight package. All the juiciest bits squeezed into one, no? And here we have just that – a “best of” from Dior’s 2018 Cruise extravaganza in Los Angeles last week, somehow crammed into a six minute vid. Two of the Ten family were in attendance, naturally – Editrix-in-Chief Sophia Neophitou and Garth Spencer, who, apart from rattling on about what a fabulous time they had, are still picking out the grains of Calabasas sand from their crevices. Keeping them as mementos? If you, like us, need constant reminding of just how incredible that show was, and you wouldn’t mind seeing some slow-mo shots of Yasmin Wijnaldum striding across the desert like a lynx, watch the above until your eyes bleed. Enjoy!