Thursday 8th September

| BY Jack Moss

Yeezy Season 4


Let’s call this, to misquote a popular erotic novel, 50 shades of beige. There may not have been 50. But there were lots. It was all quite skimpy. Sort of like dystopic ballet wear. Said skimpiness was probably appreciated by the models who had to stand for several hours in the heat causing one or two to actually faint mid-show. What is they say about suffering for fashion? A runway show then ensued on the outer catwalk, featuring Sofia Richie, spawn of Lionel and the star of Kanye’s new music video, Fade, Teyana Taylor. The latter, according to the Daily Mail “showing plenty of underboob,” if you were wondering. A couple of heels then broke. Some models fell over. Kim and co. were late. Editors complained. But who cares. It’s Kanye. He’ll do whatever the fuck he wants.