Friday 3rd March

| BY Jack Moss

Yohji Yamamoto: Ready-to-wear AW17

Yohji Yamamoto was, as usual, generously proportioned. Had this whole scrunched up thing going on. Not quite a ruche, not quite a ruffle, more like a giant piece of fabric had been grabbed and pulled about the body, to create these very Yohji-esque shapes. At points, those scrunches, as we’ll call them, fell into fans of pleats, or these folded layers that made the the dresses almost tilt to one side. Colour palette here was, typically, mostly black – but punctuated by moments of coloured embellishment – trailing threads, or what looked a bit like splodges of paint. Or were they more puffs of smoke? And, accessories wise – have you ever forgotten your own name? Mixed your meds wrong? Got black-out drunk and ended up slumped on a curbside to be awoken by a kindly stranger? Just us? Well, make like Yohji’s girls and hang a id tag, preferably several, from your ears. You could even write your phone number one. Like a cat.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans